How Self-Hypnosis May Help You Get Over Your Fears

Most fears are irrational, they typically have little or no basis in fact, and yet they are very real to us. Often they are rooted deep inside having been implanted by an event or events that we may not even remember. Hypnosis can be of great help in ending such fears. Self hypnosis can free you by allowing you to talk to your subconscious mind where these fears are located.

>>Use Self Hypnosis To End Fear<<

Fear comes up, often without warning, and it begins to cause our body chemistry to alter. A thought of public speaking, a dog, facing your boss, asking someone out on a date, or whatever the thing that sets you off is, begins to alter your body chemistry, pumping insulin in, causing your pulse to increase, your stomach to tighten, and a variety of other physiological changes. These effects are very real to you and yet there is no basis in fact for any of them. You should simply take them as proof of the power of your subconscious mind. This is a power that you will be able to harness and turn to your benefit as you learn to perform self-hypnosis.

Your Hypnotic Induction

The process is simple; you are going to relax your conscious mind in order to get it out of the way so that you can communicate directly with your subconscious. A basic technique for doing this is to begin to slow your breathing into long, regular deep breaths. Breathe in and breathe out and as you do begin to tell your body to relax and let go, with each breath relaxing more and more, going deeper and deeper, relaxing totally and completely. It may help to imagine that you are going down in an elevator and you can see each floor number go by as you descend. Start with 10 and count down to 1. When you reach 1 you will be in at least a light state of hypnosis (each time you do this technique you should go even deeper).

The Script, Giving Yourself Hypnotic Suggestions

Now that you are in hypnosis it is time to begin giving yourself suggestions so that you can release the fear. This is done with a script that you prepare before starting this process. In the script a good approach is to see yourself successfully accomplishing the thing you fear. The script should be made up of positive expressions and experiences. For example, if your fear is public speaking, see yourself walking out on stage confident and prepared. During the speech your word flow freely, you maintain eye contact with the audience and you can see that they are getting it. You look forward to the question and answer session that follows.

Now move yourself forward to the next day. You are happy that you have given the speech and you get an exhilarated visit as you think about it now. You realize that public speaking is nothing to be afraid of and that you have plenty of things to say that people want to hear about.

Wrapping Up Your Session

As you muse over these thoughts get into the elevator that brought you here and count yourself back up saying to yourself that you are awakeing from self-hypnosis as it rises.
>>Use Self Hypnosis To End Fear<<