Use Self-hypnosis and Visualization to Stop Smoking

There are numerous methods one can use to quit smoking. A number of folks have used the nicotine patch. Some people use prescritpion medication like Welbutran Some folks just go for it and try to quit using their determination. While many people do well using these methods a lot more of them fail. At this time they might consider self-hypnosis to really quit. Self-hypnosis and changing your deeply held ideas about smoking inside your subconscious thoughts is the best method to quit smoking.

>>Use Self-Hypnosis And Visualization, Stop Smoking<<


Self-hypnosis consists of several main parts, several of which are relaxation, scripts, and visualization. Learning to relax is the key part of hypnosis. After discovering how to relax you should learn to open yourself to suggestion. You will be taught key phrases or suggestions that are geared towards stopping you from smoking that you must say to yourself repetitively. Finally you may add in imaging where you will see yourself being smoke free.

Imaging has many benefits to self-hypnosis. By mentally imaging that you are performing an pursuit, you are more able to easily perform the real thing. When first practicing visualization in self-hypnosis, many people find they can create pictures of themselves as if they are watching themselves on television. This method of visualiztion is known as dissociated visualization. This is an effective method to help you end smoking because you can technically see your success. Once imagining yourself in that pursuit as if it is an actual event is achieved, it will make the desired activity more of an inevitability.

When first learning to visualize you need to become certain that you are going to stop. The planned outcome is that you will no longer be a smoker. You can use your natural creativeness and imagination to imagine of images and ideas that would attract you emotionally. These emotions are the key to success because the more emotionally exciting a hypnotic suggestion, the more likely you will respond rapidly to it. Use words that grab you and engage you in the vision, words like: "vibrant", "sparkling", "thrilling", "wonderful", "powerful", "radiant", "loving", "generous", "exciting", "delightful", and "beautiful." The more bright and dramatic the image is, the more useful it will be because visualizations are suggestions. First you may want to visualize the tobacco smoke. Imagine how bad it looks, smells, and tastes. You can use associations with the smoke that show how bad it is. Some of the common negative things that are used as association to cigarette smoke is garbage or a smelly shoe.

Self-hypnosis coupled with visualization can really work together to help you stop smoking. They find that using their imagination to create wanted change is simple, powerful and effective. By using visualizations you are able to picture yourself after the change has occurred and more easily meet your goal of being a non-smoker.

>>Use Self-Hypnosis And Visualization, Stop Smoking<<