Using Scripts For Self-Hypnosis

Discovering how to achieve self-hypnosis can give you an incredible advantage in completing your goals. By gaining the ability to hypnotize yourself, you can use it to improve practically any area of your life. Basically, scripts are what you are saying to yourself in order to change your mindset.

>> Using Scripts For Self-Hypnosis <<

Making Hypnotic Suggestions Powerful
In order for hypnosis to be successful, the scripts or formulated suggestions need to be on point. A very successful combination is ideomotor questioning coupled with suggestion validation. How do you validate a suggestion? Ask these types of questions:


  1. Is this suggestion an acceptable one?
  2. How soon will the suggestion work?
  3. To achieve the desired results, is there anything else to do?
  4. Will there be work out of this suggestion, and will it be effective?

It is important to keep good records when working with hypnosis. This is especially important for ideomotor questioning. Each question needs to be deliberate and appropriate, so the hypnotist should plan out each question prior to asking it by writing it down.  It is okay to write them on the spot, as the answer to the previous question might impact the next one.

There are a few more tips in successful hypnosis. Do not ask the same questions repeatedly. Take notes through the session because the answers to some questions can be used again later as a future reference.

Remember that hypnosis and the power of suggestion does not change the person that you are, rather it helps you become the best person you can be.
Self-hypnosis scrits are important for numerous reasons. One very significant part of using self-hypnosis scripts is to use them in a positive way. Saying things like, "I will stop…" or "I do not want to…", is very negative. Framing your self-hypnosis scripts in these kinds of negative terms means that your brain will imagine that negative conduct before it gets the command not to do it, this leads to failure as your subconscious is very literal. The unconstructive commands actually reinforce the action that you want to eliminate. Instead of being negative, be positive and use statements that consist of "I will…lose weight or stop smoking, etc." Also, keep in the now, stay present tense with your words. Do not talk in past tense or refer to past conditions. The simplest way to do this is don't use action verbs that end in ing, avoid like becoming, growing, and other words that end with ing. Keep your phrases simple, concise, and clear. Give your mind straightforward and easy to comprehend instructions.

In self-hypnosis, you enter a hypnotic state and make direct statements to your subconscious mind. Be sure to repeat your suggestions to take full advantage of their benefit to you. Vary the phrasing of your commands, avoid repeating the same words over and over. Everyday in everyway I get closer and closerto my ideal weight, I lose weight everyday, I eat less at every meal and so on.

Be sure to create your script with a thorough methodology that builds from one step to the next until it comes to your goal. For weight loss you might say, "I lose weight every day on my objective to 120 pounds." By producing phrases like this you give a time factor with your end objective plainly as the target. {It is better than saying, "I will lose weight" this is because you have not given yourself a definitive goal. Another way to be successful with your scripts is to personalize them. Do not use phrases like "you are" rather, use "I am." This will amplify the effectiveness of the script. You will be able to increase the success that these scripts have on your mind; if you direct your subconscious mind to restate your suggestions silently to itself in first person.

Using self-hypnosis you can in fact recondition your mind by talking directly to the emotion oriented subconscious. It truly is possible to change your behavior and alter your rooted beliefs or habits. Follow these tips as you write your hypnosis scripts and you will see remarkable results on the road to your ultimate goal.


>> Using Scripts For Self-Hypnosis <<