Self-Hypnosis Information, How To Build A Better You Using The Power Of Hypnosis

self hypnosis informationYou can learn to use self-hypnosis in your life to create the positve improvements that you want.  These changes can be for such things as quitting smoking or losing weight.  You can also use self-hypnosis to free yourself of personality traits that do not serve you; traits like a tendancy toward procrastination or introversion.  Self Hypnosis and this information is an important tool for self-development that anybody can get good at.  

In actuality the psyche has two components; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  You will find that each day your behaviors, habits, attitudes, likes, and dislikes will stay the same.  This is because these things have been “programmed” through several different types of life events.  The influence of other people, past decisions, skills developed, and repetition have all combined to develop the person that we are today.  Most of the time, we like the way we are.  However, when we feel that transformation is needed, our old habits and behaviors can remain stubbornly in place despite our conscious decision to transform.  The reason for this is that our powerful subconscious mind regulates these things and at all times when the conscious and subconscious are in conflict the subconscious wins.  However, self-hypnosis creates access to the subconscious mind in order to reprogram it.

The usual way to learn self-hypnosis is to allow yourself to relax with your eyes closed, breathe deeply and as you exhale countdown from 10 to 1.  Normally this will bring about a light hypnotic state that you can enhance with visualiztion.  Picture things like a quiet beach, a garden, or a green meadow.  Visualization is strong, by using it in this way your body comes to react as if it were really in one of those places. The cause for this response is that your mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you vividly envision.

You can easily learn self-hypnosis and you will discover that the ability will get better over time and as you use it.  Often, those who apply self-hypnosis find that they can become relaxed enough to get into a trance, but then they are confused for what to do next.  If you are hypnotised by a professional you have a guide to take you to the place you need to go next.  In self-hypnosis you are your own leader and need to know the next steps.  In truth, the next step after putting yourself into a trance is self-therapy.  You must have your aim in mind.  Before you begin your self-hypnosis session you must have a clear image of what you want and how you are going to attain it, and write a script.  When you are in your self-hypnotic state simply repeat your script over and over again in your mind.  

During the regular course of a day a normal person goes into and out of an hypnotic state a number of times. This could be while they are reading a good book, watching a movie or television show, playing a musical instrument; or even being engaged with work will tend to result in you being able to narrow the focus of your attention and mental absorption.  The goal with self-hypnosis is to give yourself entry to that part of your brain in order to control your own behaviors and to make the changes in yourself to move away from old habits.

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